Top Ten Steeler Draft Moments: Unforgettable


Published: April 11, 2009


... abounds. Fans of losing teams are excited about getting a top prospect or perhaps a franchise savior. Devotees of winners are a little less excited, but they can hope that the final piece of the puzzle is found somewhere in the lower half.

Of course, Jets fans will moan and groan no matter who is taken by their club.


Having yelled “Sixburgh!” for the past two months now, Steeler Nation will soon receive another reward (of sorts) for winning the Super Bowl: the 32nd overall pick. How the team will fare with this selection is anyone’s guess.

A look at prior drafts shows that there are no guarantees in the Draft, and that position means little if not used properly.

Let's peek into the past with the Top Ten Steeler Draft Moments of the modern era:


10. The S...

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