Top Five Reasons Why You Hate The New England Patriots


Published: March 18, 2009


... Pats fan, always have and always will be. I encounter a wide variety of people who will sometimes ask what my favorite football team is, I tell them it is the Patriots and immediately I hear groans and about how much they suck. When I ask the people why they say this, the responses range from the witty "Because they do" to the inevitable "Cheaters!" And so on.

I am going to show you the crap reasons people give for why the Patriots suck. I then challenge you to come up with a good legit reason they suck, instead of using the ones I am posting.

Fellow Patriot fans, feel free to chime in on other reasons why people say the Patriots suck. And the following are not actually reasons why the team sucks, just the crap reasons people give because they don't actually have a reason.

The Cheating Factor

OMG, they suck 'cause they cheated! Cheaters! Cheaters! Pumpkin eaters!"

Let's get several things straight here. First, they did cheat, yes. ...

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