Top 7 NFL Quarterbacks: Who’s Atop Your List?


Published: April 8, 2009


... their teams to the most unexpected amount of wins is nearing a close.

Before I finish with the last couple of teams to complete the NFL average, I thought I would take the opportunity to test a theory. It is my believe, even the casual observer who studies enough one event will before long be able to distinguish the difference between an average performance and an above average performance.

There is a lot more involved in recognizing the top quarterbacks than just looking at the stat sheet to see who has the most wins over their carriers. How many times have you watched a guy play and you can clearly see he is playing at a high level? Does it change your opinion of his performance if his team loses the game?
Maybe not but four years down the road his performance from that day just turns into either one win or one lose.

After playing with this ranking format, I am impressed at how accurately it describes each quaterback's play. It ...

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