Top 5 Moments In Buffalo Bills Recent Draft History


Published: April 15, 2009


... constant analysis.  So-called experts and personnel from each team put numerous prospects through many exercises in order to select the "right fit".  As we have learned this is anything but perfect and in particular Bills fans have experienced the "can't miss" who has missed (Mike Williams, 2002 #4 overall), the injured superstars (Willis McGahee, 2003 #23 1st Round), and the head shakers (Donte Whitner, 2006 #8 overall).These are recent year examples of the "imperfect science" that is the NFL Draft.

The top 5 Buffalo Bills storylines from my NFL Draft lifetime (1996 -2008) are as follows:

5) Music City "Forward Pass" followed by the worst draft of the decade (2000).  Erik Flowers was supposed to be the DE the Bills needed to take the "leap".  Flowers flamed out quite quickly and the rest of the draft did nothing to help the franchise move forward.

4) <...

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