Top 25 Events, If There Was an NFL Lockout


Published: March 20, 2009


... is what would happen if there was an NFL lockout. Some of the reasons might be good. Some of them might not.

  1. There will be a World War III
  2. NBA tickets will be sold out
  3. MLB tickets will be sold out
  4. Heck, MLS would have tickets sold out
  5. Roger Goodell will be killed
  6. Japan will bomb Pearl Harbor, again
  7. Even more stupid reality TV shows will debut
  8. Peyton Manning will become a journalist
  9. Bin Laden will finally come out and the U.S. will finally catch him
  10. Ricky Martin will come out of the closet
  11. Family Guy will make 50 episodes in one year
  12. Arena Football League will be the new NFL
  13. Soccer will become the new football (for the U.S., I mean)
  14. B/R won't write articles that much anymore
  15. No fantasy football leagues, meaning men would have to do something else, like actually work while at work
  16. Lester's Legends and Fantasy Football Ma...

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