Tony Gonzalez To the Falcons: How Valuable is a Second-Round Draft Pick?


Published: April 23, 2009


... Falcons earlier today for a 2010 second-round draft pick. The move comes about a month after the Chiefs spent their own 2009 second-rounder on Patriots Quarterback Matt Cassel and Linebacker Mike Vrabel.

In the NBA, second-round picks (with a few exceptions, such as the Marcus Camby salary dump) are often treated as if they aren't valuable at all, and are sometimes sold outright on draft day.

Some teams, like the Portland Trailblazers, seem to collect them. But despite the emergence of several second-round picks as good players (such as Gilbert Arenas and Manu Ginobili), a second-round pick won't usually bring a decent veteran in an NBA trade.

Assuming one pick per round, an ideal NBA draft will fill forty percent of a future starting lineup, comparable to thirty-two percent for an NFL team's draft (twenty-nine percent if kickers and punters are included).

According to the NFL draft p...

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