Tom Cable, Al Davis: What the Draft Will Tell Us


Published: April 15, 2009


... make us wonder about the future.

For starters, many thought we would lose Shane Lechler or Asomugha. Then they were offended when not only were both retained but the Raiders paid enough money for Aso, they upset the natural order of free agency.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Nothing.

No big-name free-agency moves, no massive spending spree, no high-risk potentials out there.

Most of the news was made by either contracts being reworked, numbers pushed around or dead weight being cut loose.

It also had a number of people wondering, was Al Davis still alive, or did he simply die, and the Raiders are operating without his interference?

To this date, as a Raider fan you have to wonder. Last offseason, for example, was about as opposite as this one could possibly be. Kiffin was constantly at odds with Al, Al simply went out and brought in free agents at will, and Kiffin....well, Kiffin seemed to think the only way things would improve for him ...

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