Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning: Success Vs. Statistics


Published: March 12, 2009


... Manning and Tom Brady. Despite having many other good QBs, those two apparently are the only ones getting attention.

Rightfully so, but who is the best really? Sure, we are going to get homer picks, like Indianapolis fans will choose Manning, and anyone in the sound of the Boston or New England area will say Tom Brady.

They both are about even when it comes to TV appearances, which help fanhood. Of course, both have hosted SNL and have done commercials, although Manning does lead in commercial count.

But I could care less about that. Only non-football fans or fans of those particular people really do.

I care more about what is done on the field. Who has been the most productive? Who is going to be the King in the end?

Both are future Hall of Famers, of course, so we can forget the fact that one will not get in. Both are around the same age, a little in between of course, so we don't have to look at in that sense, like one is getting older so he isn't...

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