Tom Brady Is the Standard Used to Grade Manning


Published: March 25, 2009


... to Brady.

"This article is different from my other 503," said the BleacherReport Senior Writer. "This time I compare them in night games when leading in the 3rd quarter in October on even numbered days.  I can see how this can be confused with the when leading in the 3rd quarter in night games in October on odd numbered days since the raw data is similar."

"So what is the result?" I ask.

"I figured with the media's constant praise of Brady you'd have to ask," he said. "It is not even close. Peyton is a laugher. The interceptions are the same and Peyton has more yards and more touch downs."

"What if they are trailing?" I asked.

"Get out of my room!" he said. "I knew I should not have invited a Patriot humor writer to dinner. You're gonna miss my mom's meatloaf."

I apologized. (Hey, I like meatloaf.) I tried a different tack. "What media?"

"You know," he said.

I didn't say that if I did I wouldn't ask, because these mid-we...

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