Tom Brady Is Not Good | Peyton Manning Is Good


Published: April 12, 2009


... overrated quarterback that has ever played the game of football at the professional level.

Peyton Manning is the best, though. The fact that there is such debate raging is childish.

Yep, Peyton Manning is the best quarterback, no doubt in my mind.

In fact, I bet Peyton evens takes Brady in a 12-round bout.

Peyton gets more girls, and makes more money.

Peyton has bigger muscles, is taller, and just all around better looking.

Peyton even has a movie deal coming after he retires. Whats Tom Brady gonna do, just be his wife's lacky?


Ok, this is Andrew. Apparently Peyton Manning hacked my account, and wrote this. I don't know how to delete the article though. Thanks for one more article Peyton. Ya jerk.

Oh, and Tom Brady is watching you.

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