To Understand the Detroit Lions’ Draft, First Understand The Lions


Published: May 1, 2009


... I needed to sleep on it—four times—to feel enough at ease to write about it.

I sense a lot of discontent in the wake of the draft. Much of that, I imagine, was latent aggravation with taking Matthew Stafford first overall, which kind of soured the whole draft for many.

I’m not hearing many complaints about Stafford anymore, partly because they're futile now. Obviously, this is part of the healing process.

Like the period after an election, this is the part where we all realize our petty arguments over who best to lead us for the next several years have become moot. We have our guy, and it’s time for everyone to throw our support behind him, whether we wanted him or not.

Having said that, it occurs to me that not many people were big fans of taking Brandon Pettigrew at 20 or passing on Rey Maualuga at 33. Understandable.

Ghosts from the past seemed to rise up when the defense-challenged Lions took a wide receiver/return man ...

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