TO To Travel In Time 2.0(Satire)


Published: March 19, 2009


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"81 planned on helping the Cowboys, but 81 is mad at them now," said the "real 81."

Asked why he didn't already go get a Mr. Fusion "thingy" to power the flux capacitor, he explained, "Mr. Jones thanked me but asked me to not drive it yet because driving 88 mph is too fast and would open me to injury.  You know if suddenly the road disappeared and 81 it into crashed into a barn."

"81 is going back to February 1, 1993," said TO.

"Kelley to the real 81 giving the Bills back to back wins over the fake Cowboy dynasty in Super Bowls 27 and 28," said TO.

Asked about it, Bill's owner Wade Wilson admitted he had received the proposal and was looking it over although "it is a complicated proposal."

The above is Satire and the quotes are made up or taken w...

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