TJ’s Quick Hits: The NFC North Edition


Published: March 18, 2009


... Kyle Orton at quarterback!

And when you have either one of those throwing to Hester, it's an automatic win, right? Rex "Screw it, I'm goin' deep" Orton to Devin Hester for six!!!! You hear that all the time, don't you?


But in all seriousness, Matt Forte is a monster in the running game.

As for the defense, Lance Briggs, who in my opinion is the best linebacker on that team, and Brian Urlacher, who seems to have lost a step in the past few years, still make a frightening duo.


Detroit Lions

I honestly thought about just writing "LMFAO" and starting on the next team. And it's still really tempting to do; I mean, it would be a fitting breakdown of the team, right?

I mean, it's not like they don't have talent, as they were in a few of the games this season and just couldn't pull it out.

If Calvin Johnson gets a halfway decent quarterback to throw to him, he could be even better.

So, we covered...

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