TJ’s Quick Hits: The AFC West Division


Published: March 16, 2009


... a running back than Denver?

Unfortunately, being a quarterback for the Broncos isn't nearly as fun, just ask Jay Cutler.

When you think modern-day Broncos, you think Champ Bailey, right? What about when you think Champ Bailey?

Personally, I remember Ben Watson chasing him down from the opposite side of the field and knocking his head off. But maybe that's just me (and every Patriots fan ever.)

But back to the Cutler situation. What's going to happen there? Are he and Josh McDaniels (went to school down the street from me) going to kiss and make up? Or is Cutler's request to be traded going to be honored?

If it is, what's Denver going to do as far as the quarterback position goes? Is McDaniels going to find a way to bring in his golden boy Matt Cassel?

 Kansas City Chiefs

Are they going to deal within the division and let Denver get Matt Cassel? Every fiber of my being screams no.

But hey, they picked up Mik...

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