TJ’s Quick Hits: AFC East Edition


Published: March 13, 2009


... Buffalo because with Marshawn Lynch driving, the roads are nowhere near safe.

In all fairness to the Bills though, picking up Terrell Owens was a good move. He has a good track record in his first year with a team. It's the other years that seem to trouble him and he'll without a doubt be the man in Buffalo.

I'm really curious as to what James Hardy's getting in return for giving up the number 81. And even more curious as to why Owens didn't want to keep his college number of 80 throughout his career.


You mean Jerry Rice wouldn't give the number up in San Francisco? That's bush league. We all need to realize that Owens is the man and we have to do everything in our power to keep him happy.

And we know what happens if you don't, right? He either calls you gay or tells the press that you're out of shape. We can't have that getting around, now can we?


Miami Dolphins

Chad Pennington had his resurgence ...

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