Through Josh McDaniels, the Denver Broncos Have “Grown a Pair”


Published: March 10, 2009


... sat down for a conference call with new head coach Josh McDaniels and owner Pat Bowlen. 

If you have heard the story once, you have heard it a thousand times.  The Denver Broncos were discussing a trade that would send Matt Cassel to the Broncos, and Jay Cutler off to Tampa Bay.  This trade fell through, and now Cutler is upset that the Broncos were "aggressively" trying to get rid of him.

The infamous "source close" to the situation with Cutler and the Broncos is now making claims that the quarterback is on even worse terms after the conference call.  Apparently, Josh McDaniels was not going to spoon-feed Cutler.

The young head coach put his foot down, and reportedly told Cutler how it was.  Any player is tradeable if it is going to be for the good of the team.  Can you disagree with that?  If the Broncos can win more games, should they trade a player?  I think so. 

Jay Cutler is no exception to the rule.  ...

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