Theory of a Bronco Fan: Why I Think Denver Is Falling Apart


Published: March 16, 2009


... as soon as I heard the Broncos even entertained the dumbest idea on the face of the planet.

But I have a few theories as to why this seems like it was inevitable.

First, I will go into the team owner, Pat Bowlen. Someone slap that man and tell him his name is not Al Davis and that he doesn’t have to sabotage the Broncos. I seriously think this man is seriously turning into Al Davis by making stupid moves.

Pat, I can solve your problems by simply being the mediator in this whole situation.

First, what you need to do is take some duct tape and cut four pieces. The first piece would go to Xanders, I think he is one of the people to make this whole situation pretty bad.

The second piece would to go to McBelicheat…self explanatory. The third piece would go to Bus Cook, more on that later. The final piece would go to Jay Cutler. At this point, you need someone experienced with schoolyard bullies and children cause I’m view...

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