The Ultimate Al Davis Draft


Published: April 1, 2009


... one of the top two receivers in the draft. Enter Al Davis, a veteran of 40-plus years of war room draft dealings. He knows that many successful college football players don’t have what it takes to be successful in the faster, stronger NFL. However, he knows three player characteristics that frequently, but not always, are formulas for NFL success. They are speed, speed and more speed. Usually the Raiders draft at least one player a year based primarily on his speed. Some of these selections, like Thomas Howard, work out great. Others, such as Michael Huff, don’t work as well. Just for fun, let’s project a pure Al Davis kind of draft, where every player selected is a speed merchant. The ground rules for this exercise are that the player: · Must fill a need position on the team · Must be fast with great agility, strength, or other freakish workout numbers · Cannot be selected higher than can be reasonably expected in the draft. Given these ground rules, some gre...

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