The UFL: Just Another XFL?


Published: May 1, 2009


... headlines and gaining the attention of the media and fans alike. For those of you who aren't completely dialed in with the pro football scene, the UFL is the United Football League.Yes, another NFL imitator doomed to fail like the XFL, USFL, and the World Football League before them.

The XFL was a complete joke, an utter embarrassment to all sports. From names like “He Hate Me,” to the Million Dollar Game at the end of the season, it was painful to watch and even worse to inevitably see it fall into obscurity and eventually collapse.

The NFL is the largest cash cow in the United States other than NASCAR, and they did so with doing very little and pride themselves on this fact. The regular seasons of the MLB, NBA and NHL dwarf the NFLs short but sweet 17 week regular season. The lack of regular season games leaves something to be desired, creating a huge untapped market ripe for the picking.

The only problem is that nobody has done it right…un...

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