The Truth About the New England Patriots and Racist Idiots


Published: May 4, 2009


... Tom Brady and the Patriots; yet I am also entitled to the right of stating what I believe. I will warn you though, before you make asinine insults and comments about my article being "trash," or (fill in the blank): I take your rebukes as badges of honor, so it is futile to think you can eviscerate my confidence in what I believe as true with your trash talk.

Any person that claims to be unbiased is a liar. Thus, I own my bias, so I willingly tell people that I loathe everything about the New England Patriots. Nevertheless, you can still make a fair argument based on the rules of sophistry.  No one can truly escape their own bias, but they can make an effort to be fair to their opponent with rules of sophistry.

I apologize if you feel loathed because of that, but it is ultimately your choice to be a Patriots fan, as it is my choice to revile the Patriots organization.  I do not however, loathe all New England or Boston fans -- just those ...

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