The Tragic Truth: Last Three NFL Seasons Will Be Remembered for Gunshots


Published: March 31, 2009


... adjourned today, I reflected. I reflected for a long time about where The NFL as a league has gone.

The sad truth that I wrestled with was that the last three seasons have been defined not by amazing catches or incredible comebacks, but gunshots. At the conclusion of the season, confetti rains down upon the world champion team, and we as fans shower them with praise.

But in each of the past few years, the confetti has only served as a cover-up to what each of us as fans drew from that season, as the said confetti is stained with the blood of the athletes we cheer for so vehemently.

This sad truth begs to question how the culture of The NFL got to where it is today, and how we as fans can help shed some brighter light on that ever darkening culture. It is time we consider something very important. Which should take precedent, mercy or justice?

In January of 2006, Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed in a drive by shooting...

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