The Top Five Reasons Cleveland Browns Fans Are in Full Meltdown Mode


Published: September 30, 2009

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... If a team and/or coach gives us something to believe in, we'll latch onto them and elevate them to God-like status. Spit in our face or talk down to us, you have no chance. The offender may as well get out while the gettin' is good. The decision to start Derek Anderson over Brady Quinn elicited knee-jerk responses from the collective fan base. Of course, a lot of the decisions made by head coach Eric Mangini have elicited knee-jerk reactions from the fans. The last week has been particularly drama-filled as the Browns were absolutely crushed by Baltimore in a game so devoid of passion from the Cleveland players, it's created an onslaught of columns around the Internet about how bad a coach Mangini is, and whether or not the team quit. But before anyone decides to call Cleveland fans "bad," remember two things: This fan base is completely frustrated by the present situation due to the recent multiple failures of the past, and we see no hope in sight of this rudderless stink e...

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