The Shifting Status Of The NFL Standings


Published: April 12, 2009


... things.
1. Peyton Manning will remain as one of the top statistical players in the NFL. 
2. The Detroit Lions will wallow in mediocrity or worse.
3. At some point within the season, a controversy will arise over a call made by a referee. 

Almost everything else is subject to change. And that's something that not too many people understand. When you see the projections for fantasy football, or the "power rankings" for the 32 NFL teams at the beginning of the year, most writers/fans merely plug in the standings from the prior season with a few small changes.
And almost never are they even close to right. You find me someone who told you "Tom Brady goes down in Week One with an injury, and the Patriots still go 11-5, and I'll find you a Patriots Homer with the ability to see the future.
Until the games are played, we know nothing. Until half a season is over, there is almost no way of e...

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