The Raiders Need Michael Crabtree!


Published: March 14, 2009


... why fellow fans would want an offensive tackle in the first round. Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe will be taken by the No. 7 pick in the draft, the only guy left would be Andre Smith.

If you have ever watched NFL network, you have seen him at the combine, which he didn't work out at because he wasn't in shape for the most important event in his life. Plus, when you saw him at his pro day, he was still out of shape, his man breasts flinging around while he ran his barely average 40. Also, he is weak, with only 19 reps on the bench. And Michael Oher won't be a great player in the NFL, average at best.

B.J. Raji will most likely be gone, so there won't be another first round defensive tackle until Ron Brace. We will be able to address the D-line in later rounds with solid talent.

The top 10 draft picks are no longer coveted as they once were, because all of the money you would have to invest on a player who has never laid a foot on a field...

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