The Orton-Cutler Saga: Why Kyle Orton Should Get Some Respect! Part II


Published: April 21, 2009


... I had a lot to talk about, so I broke it into two parts to make it easier for the KFFL editors (a bunch of babies! I’m just kidding). That staff makes me look good too many times that I can’t thank them enough!

If you missed Part I, please go back and read that first before reading Part II! Let’s continue my take on the Orton-Cutler saga, the fallout, the positives and the negatives.


What does Orton bring to the table?

  • Orton is 21-12 as a starter and is also 15-2 at home, which is the best in the NFL since he came into the league in 2005. You don’t hear this number at all; all you hear is how great Cutler is when the team has a lead. Yes, it’s not all Orton, but it’s also not all Cutler when it comes to winning records. The Bleacher Report - NFL
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