The Orton-Cutler Saga: Why Kyle Orton Should Get Some Respect! Part I


Published: April 9, 2009


... for the Chicago Bears. A young man with all-world talent but the maturity of a 12-year-old!

First, do I want Cutler to fail? No, but I do want him to change and become someone I respect as a player. If not, then yes, I will root for his opponents and hope he loses! No different from my take on Terrell Owens.

  • I don’t like it when people in the wrong cry, whine, lie and bellyache until they get their way. It sets a horrible example; it shows you can be a stereotypical, overpaid athlete who is an idiot and liar who still gets his way when he shouldn’t! I don’t like bad guys winning, and in this case, Cutler was the bad guy!
  • I love and agree with the statements by Stefan Fatsis on Cutler, his style and personality and team owner Pat Bowlen’s belief. Read it, it’s a great take: Bleacher Report - NFL
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