The Oakland Raiders’ Best Move Yet This Offseason? Signing Jeff Garcia.


Published: April 6, 2009


... an offseason that has seen one move after another, all of which have made sense in terms of steering this once-great team back in the direction of it's winning ways, Al Davis pulls the trigger on what could be the best move yet. 

Let me explain.  If Jamarcus goes down, we go to a bench that has, at the moment, three quarterbacks, all of which have a 60 percent QB rating or lower. 

Andrew Walter?  No agility.  Cannot move and create on the fly and let's face it, with this line, that may be the case at times.  He has not thrown a TD pass in three years and when he did play a 12 game season, he managed to put up a whopping 3 touchdown passes along with 13 interceptions.  No,  that was not a typo.  13 interceptions and 3 touchdowns. 

Tui?  While he is evasive and can create on the fly, during his best season he played in four games and threw no touchdown passes, and 3 interceptions....

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