The NFL’s Top 10 First Overall Draft Picks


Published: April 13, 2009


... like the seventy-two teams that have picked first overall before them, the Lions must make a detailed analysis of their team, and select first overall.

In the vast and captivating history of the National Football League, seventy-two players have been selected first overall.

The first overall pick is the pick that is awarded to the worst team the NFL has to offer. This pick allows the team to rebuild for the future.

It allows the team’s fan base to be excited about the upcoming season and forget the previous season.

The player that is selected first overall is suppose to be the new face of the franchise, a combination of the team’s position needs and best player available.

Much to the dismay of the teams that select them, few of these players turn out to be the players that the teams, the league, and the general public thought they would be.

However, a select few have in fact, turned out to be what we thought they would be or even e...

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