The NFL’s “J Effect”


Published: March 19, 2009


... just roll off the tongue. It seems all the greatest players had great names, but what's even more striking is what I would like to call the "J Effect."

Simply put, the first name starting with the letter "J," behold:

Joe Montana

Johnny Unitas

John Elway

Jim Brown

Jerry Rice

Jim Marshall

Joe Namath

Jan Stenerud

Joe Greene

Isn't it just a BIT odd that the generally-regarded greatest quarterback of the Super Bowl era, the greatest quarterback pre-Super Bowl era, and the quarterback who is believed to have single-handedly brought the AFL to prominence and helped shape the NFL as it is today because of his famous "guarantee," all had a name starting with the letter "J?"

What about the only quarterback to make five Super Bowls and still hold the recor...

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