The NFL Won’t Be the Same without John Madden


Published: April 20, 2009


... me absolutely nuts for almost 10 years now.

Cris Collinsworth, for all his faults, is 10,000 times better in the booth than the 2008 version of John Madden.

Trust me, it’ll be an upgrade.

And yet, I’m a little sad to see Madden go.

I remember going over to my grandfather’s house for Thanksgiving and listening to Madden call the game. I remember knowing it was a big game, simply because Madden was there.

And he was good. Back then, he was damn good.

Anyone under 20 probably can’t fathom this, but Madden wasn’t always the guy you were forced to watch on Sunday Night Football last season. He used to be great.

He used to be the best.

It’s unfortunate that most young Patriots fans only remember Madden for his “play for overtime” comments during the Patriots-Rams Super Bowl. By that time, Madden had long since lost his fastball. If he was Pedro Martinez...

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