The NFL Preseason Actually Matters


Published: April 1, 2009


... wherein people start talking about the start of preseason and then say "It's preseason, so it doesn't count."

But they are wrong. The preseason has a purpose. It may not count toward the win/loss total, and the starters may not play the entire game, but it does count.

If we had no preseason, teams would have to look at the players they want to start during the regular season, taking time away from the games and forcing teams with rookie pickups to lose valuable experience and a opportunity to make a huge play on the ball.

If we had no preseason, the rookies would not ever get a chance to play their first season, because nobody would know what they could do and nobody would want to take a chance on someone unproven, especially given the fact that the regular season only has 16 games (for now) and every game counts.

Another reason for the preseason is to get the players used to having a game every week and the physical and mental requirements of that...

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