The NFL Mascot Battle for Supremecy


Published: March 19, 2009


... and the draft.

However, I was left pondering something else...Who comes up with these mascots? Some are tough, some seem lame, and others...well...others...stink. 

So I set up a grand battle royale.

Let's all pretend for a minute we do not have a favorite team. I have created a bracket for all the teams mascots to fight it out...Tourney style.

(For the seedings, I created a 32-team single elimination tournament with seedings taken from the final power ranking of 2008-2009). 

So Pittsburgh is No. 1, and Detroit is No. 32.  

I also did not include the city names, so we could concentrate on the mascots.  Enjoy!

Here is the bracket


Fight One: Steelers vs. Lions

Best NFL Team vs. Worst NFL Team: Throw four steel mill workers in a room with four lions.  No contest.  Paper covers rock...

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