The NFL Mascot Battle For Supremecy: The Sweet 16


Published: March 26, 2009


... a doubt, round one was an easy one to pick.

There are alot of terrible mascots in the NFL that would not strike fear in the hearts of a newborn child, let alone the opposition (See Browns, Colts, and Texans).

Now we are down to 16 decent mascots. 

The jokes are done.  We are getting ever closer to the big dance. 

After this, only eight will remain. 

Check out the bracket to see where your favorite team stands.


Fight 1: Lions vs. Rams

The two worst teams in the NFL do battle...with their mascots! 

Unlike a real game between these two teams, expect to see a great amount of action. 

However, lions are kings, man.

Rams are sort of like really aggressive special children with hard...

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