The New York State of Mind


Published: April 17, 2009


... were out of the playoffs before the month even began and the Mets were busy mustering up another monumental collapse.

How did the New York baseball teams deal with very glaring needs that cost them post season opportunities? They went big. That’s how New York rolls.

The Yankees signed the two best free agent pitchers and the best hitter available. The Mets on the other hand had an awful bullpen and needed to address it.

Did they just get a new arm to anchor the pen? No.

Instead of getting just the current saves record holder K-Rod, they went over the top and acquired another top of the line closer to set him up. This is how New York sports teams like to deal with problems.

Which brings me to the Giants. We all know about the teams collapse and loss of momentum at the end of the season.

We all still feel the pain from watching Donovan Mcnabb picking up the phone on the Giants sideline and rubbing the horrible defeat...

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