The Lions Will Make Stafford No. 1, Here We Go Again!


Published: April 25, 2009


... draft that was described by some as "a crap shoot," will be the highest paid player in the NFL. 

Detroit had a choice between an elite trio of linebackers and a so-so quarterback, and they took the so-so quarterback.

I have a Charles Rogers jersey, a Shawn Rogers jersey, and a Kevin Jones jersey. I have three Joey Harrington jerseys (I'm a glutton for punishment). If Stafford can even manage to lead the Lions to a winning season (heaven forbid the playoffs), I'll buy a Stafford jersey.

He's guaranteed $41.7 million to lead the worst football team in the history of the NFL. That's more guaranteed money than Albert Haynesworth got.

I take it back. He's guaranteed to make $41.7 million to learn how to be a backup quarterback, just like Charlie Batch (Steelers), Harrington (third string backup, Saints), Kitna (Cowboys), and Orlovsky (Texans). 

I hope he has padded pants because he's destined to be riding the pine for another team as soon ...

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