The Jets, a Headless Horseman!


Published: March 22, 2009


... not re-enacting Washington's crossing, or recruiting any Hessian to play linebacker, but they seem more than content to go into the draft without a quarterback, or a plan to draft one.

By any reasonable standard Kellen Clemens is a bust. The 49th overall pick in the second round, Clemens has been lingering on the bench. Despite the fact that Eric Mangini refused to give Chad Pennington the proper support or respect, and would rather have the 39-year old Bret Favre call the signals, the "legend from Lakeview" was unable to find his way into the starting position.

For this is the DNA of the Jets organization. To continue to aimlessly enter another draft without a plan, or without a clue. For those who believe Ainge or Ratliffe make any sense, I bid you good luck, and another 5-11 flop.

The hard reality is that none of the active QB's on this roster would make another team in the NFL, much less compete for the starting role!

So as the son of Buddy, ...

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