The Jay Cutler Soap Opera Continues: McDaniels Says I Am Carrying Broncos Baby!


Published: March 18, 2009


... coordinator, from New England, from my Pats, as your next head coach.

You fire long-time head coach Mike Shanahan, and in all the time Shanahan has been there, not once has he been in this much of a rivalry with his quarterback. I don't think he has been in as much of a rivalry with anyone quite frankly.

Jay Cutler is a baby, but he is a guy who wants to be great too, which you have to respect right? But come on, when will they kiss and make up?

McDaniels is acting stupid as well by saying he does regret what happened but still acts like an idiot, saying he still wanted Matt Cassel.

They are acting like two little kids who are fighting over who will be next in line for the water fountain. Except Cutler brings up contract negotiations and is probably paying McDaniels off to get in the front.

Of course, I am sure McDaniels will tell him how to drink from the fountain properly. Then Cutler will want to leave the playground for another one nearby....

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