The Jason Campbell Saga


Published: April 26, 2009


... may play left end.  He may take Marcus Washington's place at outside linebacker.  He may switch back and forth.

Whichever way Greg Blache chooses to play him, the defense will be improved because of this pick. 

Personally, I had written that the 'Skins ought to focus on offense instead of trying to "fix" their fourth-ranked defense.  But there is a lot to be happy about as a result of this pick today.

Given this good news, what does the Washington Post write about?  In their continuing war with Dan Snyder, they feature a piece on how not to treat your quarterback.  

Now everyone knows that Campbell can't be feeling too good about these continuing efforts to give him some competition for the starting position. 

First, it was the attempt to arrange a trade for then-Denver quarterback Jay Cutler. Now, most recently, it was the attempt to trade up to get USC quarterback Mark Sanchez in the draft.

If the...

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