The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Offseason: Something Definitely Is Off


Published: April 8, 2009


... live in Jacksonville. I have been a fan since before the franchise was fully created. I was a season ticket holder the first six years before buying diapers became a higher priority.

I about soiled myself during the improbable playoff run in 1996. I about threw myself off the Main Street Bridge when we lost to the freakin' Titans for the 3rd time in 1999, thus taking us out of the Super Bowl.

Hell...My first wedding was in the colors of Teal and Gold. Long story short...I love my Jags!!!

That is what makes the next part of this article painful to say. I HAVE NO FAITH IN WHAT THE JAGS ARE DOING!!! Whew...ok...I feel better now. Let me go over a few things first in the GOOD pile.



1) Releasing malcontents...I think in the Jags thirst for success, they lost track of what's most important to a small-market team. Character. We brought in the trash instead of taking it out.

Whether it...

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