“The Hyena Effect” Winning In Numbers

for NFLSportChannel.com

Published: April 11, 2009


... clan members with one purpose in mind-kill the impending prey... and do it as a team with a degree of humility enabling each member to fully maximize their contribution to the whole.

No one hyena demands the glory or the accolade of the kill; they all revel in the excitement and passion of completing their mission and having their roles defined. There are no primadonna hyenas looking for the rest of the clan to bow down to them and exult them on high.

No, that is not within the personality of each member, but what is can only be visualized by seeing them in action as I have. It may appear chaotic and albeit of much confusion, yet you see the team dynamics at play and you marvel at their cerebral acuity, their commitment to one another, and the unselfishness to think less of each other but more of the group.

Can any of what I am saying ring true in professional team sports? I hope so. Do we see teams collectively and sacrificially optimizing thei...

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