The Future Of Chad Ocho Cinco


Published: April 5, 2009


... Cincinatti Bengals to the Oakland Raiders for Michael Bush and a second round pick.  The rumors were in fact false, and based on fabricated corroboration from Raiders coaches.

Thus, I wanted to take the time to say: Chad Ocho Cinco, would you please go away?

Your antics have polluted your team, and have now polluted the credibility of The Bleacher Report, which seeks to give a credible voice to the fans. 

There was a time, back in your early career where your antics were entertaining and you worked like Jerry Rice, but clearly those antics have become an addiction because the people around you have suffered from them. Yet you continue doing them. 

And those antics have given a platform for other crackpots to erode the integrity and credibility of others.  In other words, your antics have now in some ways, defamed the voice of the fans.

By the way, it is: Ochenta y cinco, or ochentacinco—not Ocho Cinco.  I...

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