The Cleveland Browns: So Many Needs, But Which Player To Pick?


Published: April 21, 2009


... there are a rush of selections beginning at 4pm, the Cleveland Browns should be on the clock for their selection sometime around or after 4:40pm or so. With ten minutes per selection, this is what I would do if given the opportunity to make the selection for the Browns…

1. Trade down: This is always my prerogative in any draft, regardless of where I would be picking. My rationale is very simple ~ if you want to catch more fish, you should always use a bigger net. The NFL Draft is purely a speculative exercise on predicting the success rate of college football players at the professional level – nothing more.

To give you some examples of how well trading down can benefit a team, read through this article by Peter King on the late Bill Walsh on the 1986 NFL Draft. The article is somewhat lengthy, but you will discover how Walsh maneuvered the 49ers ...

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