The Christmas of Sports: NFL Draft Day


Published: April 23, 2009


... for what it really is: the Christmas of sports.

As a kid there is no better feeling in the world than waking up on Christmas morning knowing you have an hour ahead of you of nothing but new gifts and toys that will keep you occupied for the year or years to come. 

For a grown man or women who loves football, the NFL Draft is the equivalent to that feeling. 

You get a day full of watching teams select players that could make or break their franchises for years to come. You get coffee tables overflowing with finger foods like summer sausage and cheese, cold beer, and a day relaxing on your couch deciding whether or not you'll be buying your team's first-round selection's jersey. 

You get a day dedicated to football midway through football's offseason. If it weren't for the NFL Draft, many people would go insane due to a lack of the NFL in their life, and I'm definitely one of those people. 

We've all been there, the night befor...

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