The Buffalo Bills Should Bring Back The Throwback


Published: July 9, 2009

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... charter members of the American Football League, organized in 1959, they are  celebrating a half-century this year.

The first thing they should do to commemorate the occasion is return to their old look. (In their inaugural season they had silver helmets with no logo. That was look not memorable and wasn't kept.) Beginning with their second season, they used the classic red grazing Buffalo on a white helmet with a center stripe, royal blue (home) jersey and white pants.

This uniform style has been revived on a limited basis by the team as a "throwback." We strongly recommend that the new uniforms be thrown out and the throwback become the standard, forever more.

If it makes sense for marketing purposes, the team can wear one or two of the other variations at home games, on a given day, as "throwbacks," but the original throwback should be the bring-back.

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