The Buffalo Bills Have Holes To Fill and Depth To Add


Published: March 18, 2009


... many fans by keeping a mediocre coaching staff and was followed by the signings of backup after backup.

Then came the signing of Terrell Owens. A media circus ensued and fans and players are abuzz. Will he succeed? Will he fail? Will he destroy the Bills chemistry?  What about Trent Edwards?  ESPN has devoted more hours in the past week to these few questions then they have to the Bills in 10 years.

All this buzz has distracted many fans. The Bills still have holes to fill and no depth.  The Bills have two giant holes at left guard and outside linebacker.

While the Bills have players on their roster who have been plugged into the guard position they do not have a solid starter and without Angelo Crowell they do not have a starting Outside Linebacker.

Angelo Crowell is currently in talks with the Bills and Bucs but many people and apparently NFL teams are wondering about his health. Can he perform to his prior level? Crowell may ha...

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