The Browns Needs and How to Address Them on Draft Day


Published: April 9, 2009


... ammunition to fill just the glaring needs of team.  This post will focus on where the Browns have holes, and who seems to be the best player to fill each need.

Since I haven’t critically watched the college players enough, I’m assuming all analysis done by is correct, and thus, am offering no perspective on whether a player is rated too high or too low.

Primary Needs:

OLB: Wille McGinnest was brought in as a stop gap for year one, and situational player for the last two years of his three year deal (which is similar to why I think David Bowens was brought in). 

However, Antwan Peek’s injuries forced McGinnest into full time duties last year, and Willie failed miserably.  Willie was average at best in containing the run, awful at rushing the passer (three steps forward, put hands up), and was even worse in coverage, due to lack of speed.<...

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