The 2009 NFL Draft: Who Are the Studs and Who Are the Duds?


Published: March 20, 2009


... of the NFL draft, what are the chances that he will be good?

I mean, they did take Joey Harrington, and look how that turned out. He seemed like a good pick after a pretty good college career and the Lions hoped he would be the next big QB in the NFL.

It didn't work out.

And just saying the name Ryan Leaf makes us all cringe. He could have actually gone No. 1 that year to the Colts instead of Peyton Manning.

Could you imagine Manning as a Charger, instead of Leaf? I know I couldn't.

So who will be the duds and who will be the studs of the 2009 NFL Draft?

Some are easy to spot. Others, I think, will go high but fizzle out in their pro careers.

We may see the next Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis or LaDainian Tomlinson here. Or we could see the next Leaf or Harrington.

I am going to tell you who they are. So let's get started

Matthew Stafford 

While many scouts have fallen in love with Stafford, he...

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