The 2009 Green Bay Packers: A Weak Three Review


Published: September 24, 2009

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... be classified as one of it's surprise teams.

Through their sloppy, ineffective, play the Packers are starting to showcase three glaring weaknesses that could make or break their 2009 season just three games in.  Surprise!

Maybe I should have specified what kind of surprise it was going to be.  Unless your name happens to be Antwan Odom, it's not a good one.

Let's take a look at the three weaknesses and the importance for the Packers to overcome them this week against the St. Louis Rams and for the 2009 season in general.

You may want to strap in for this one as it's most probably going to be a bumpy ride. As a Packers fan, your conductor isn't in a particularly good mood. Justifiably so, it seems.

All aboard?  All right.


Weakness Number One: Mr. Allen Wade Barbre, Offensive "Tackle."

Though spelling his name Barbre, Allen Wade pronounces it "Bar-ber."

I'm assuming Allen Wade is spending...

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