The 18-Game Season: A Win-Win Proposition for Everyone


Published: March 26, 2009


... brought up again, and with a new collective-bargaining agreement on the horizon, it has built some steam, at least among fans and media.

I have heard many arguments on both sides of this and after reading responses on many websites and listening to many a radio show caller I would like to address those of you who will be gracious enough to comment on this article in advance.

Contrary to popular belief, yelling and name calling is not the next best thing to being right. What I write here, as well as any response provided by readers, is of course an opinion. You can disagree without being uncivil, and please base your argument on something valid.


In my opinion the addition of two more regular-season games is win-win for players, fans, teams, the league, media partners, and local economies.

I will start with many of the reasons I have heard f...

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