Ten Fearless and Bonehead Predictions for the 2009 NFL Draft

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Published: April 15, 2009


... wasn't boring, just "off."

So, with the fantastical 0-16 Lions picking first and everyone thinking that their mock draft is right, I am passing along to everyone my absolutely ridiculous, but will probably happen predictions for the draft. They get more believable further down. 

10. Matthew Stafford Won't Be No. 1

Why? The Lions have Daunte Culpepper for this year, Jim Schwartz needs to upgrade his trenches first, and next year has a better crop of QBs.

And, well, everyone else thinks he's going first. He will probably be No. 1, but you never know.

9. Mark Sanchez Gets Drafted By Denver

Yep, Josh McDaniels has a moment of clarity and realizes that Jay Cutler was better than Matt Cassel and that he should have been the big boy and put his junk away first.

Instead, he drafts what he hopes to be his job saver.


8. Det...

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